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Top Trusted Consultancy for Student Visas

Unleash the stumbling blocks in your journey by studying in a foreign land. Discover new adventures through exciting places, food, cultures, and people by educating yourself along the way – ‘ A journey of eduventure’ 

Pursue your dream course in a University overseas through our F1 visa. Study, explore, and learn as you educate yourself along the course. 

Begin your journey into education full of adventures.

How G2G help you with Student visas?

  1. Submitting required documents and applying to a University
  2. Get accepted into a University.
  3. Pay the SEVIS fee to get an acceptance letter or I form from the visa issuing state. 
  4. Applying for an F1 visa 
  5. Complete filing for F1 Visa by submitting the I form (Letter of Acceptance)
  6. Attend F1 Visa Interview
  7. Get your Visa approved

Who can apply for a Student Visa?

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Course fee starts from 5lakh rupees work visa after study 100% Assistance for further study/work in UK until settlement No consultation Fees.

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