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How to migrate to the UK, USA ? What to expect after you arrive in the United States, or the UK, and how to protect oneself from fraud.

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Following a review of the profiles, Our experts will help you choose which country your profile is appropriate for.


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Our experts will help you determine which country best fits your profile. We offer appropriate direction throughout the procedure.


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Every year, Lets Work Abroad makes millions of decisions regarding who is allowed to enter or remain in the nation,  a culture of customer satisfaction for those who enter the country legitimately.

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USA work permit

After reviewing your profile, We assist you in obtaining sponsorship from a US Company.

UK tier 2 visa

For you to be qualified for a Uk tier2 visa, you must fulfil each of the conditions listed.

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United Kingdom

Your submitted application and supporting documents will be examined, and if they are all found to be legitimate, you will be granted for tier2 visa for Uk.

United States

Your submitted application and supporting documents will be examined, and if they are all found to be legitimate, you will be granted for USA work permit.


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    Raghu sir is a very passionate Talent Acquisition professional as well a great human being. He connects with the candidates very well and provides support and guidance during their career journey. He has a rare quality of looking beyond the role and be a trusted partner for clients as well for candidates. While interacting with him I always found him highly motivated and eager to help others and at times he helps going out of his way. Being a great networked professional, we can simply rely on him for getting the right resources. I think he is a great contributor to his organization and for the talent industry. I would recommend him to anybody seeking a consultant

      Rajesh Kumar
      Rajesh Kumar


      Very impressed with the people I’ve come across during the recruitment process! Raghu from Lets Work Abroad is a wonderful guy and has been a great help throughout. It was a great experience and I reckon Lets Work Abroad is undoubtedly one of the best agencies out there.



        Lets Work Abroad helped me to get job quickly as i was jobless. The process was very smooth and recruiter helped me in whole process. Thanks you.



          I had a very good experience where in everything went smoothly right from my interview scheduling till my appointment. Madan and Raghu are very responsive and helpful in all our queries. With all their hard work .

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          we provide the best service

          We Provide The Best Way To Success Your Migration

          We’ve been of assistance The United States and the United Kingdom all receive large numbers of migrants.

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